The Role of Technology in Invisalign

The Role of Technology in Clear Aligners: Advancements and Innovations

June 1, 2023
For many patients looking to correct their misaligned teeth, Clear Aligners treatment is their preferred dental device. When first introduced, Clear Aligners treatment was not popular since people were already used to braces which worked okay. But as time went by, Clear Aligners treatment became more popular after being tested and found effective, if not better, than braces. Improvement in dental technology also helped improve the quality of Clear Aligners, making it more durable and effective. In this article, we will discuss how technology helped improve the design, durability, and effectiveness of modern Clear Aligners.

The Role of Technology in Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear Aligners is an orthodontic treatment that aligns misaligned or crooked teeth. The dental device is also commonly referred to as a clear aligner due to its almost transparent design. The orthodontics are made of dental-grade clear plastic that is almost invisible when worn correctly. Clear Aligners in Kernersville, NC, is custom-made using computer-generated images and impressions from the patient's teeth. There are other ways through which technology has helped improve Clear Aligners treatment. For example, using dental monitors, 3d scanners, and laser therapy in Clear Aligners treatment has helped make highly customizable Clear Aligners trays that capture tiny details of the patient’s mouth. Below are more examples of how technology has helped in improving Clear Aligners treatment: Itero Intraoral Scanners: this innovative orthodontic device was launched in 2007. The scanner co-opts 3D technology and packs intuitive and reliable visualization features that help Clear Aligners dentists. Itero intraoral scanners produce HD, 3-dimensional dental images of a patient's mouth in minutes. This is helpful as it enables your dentist in Kernersville, NC, to create accurately tailored physical representations of the patient's mouth for Clear Aligners treatment restoration. Propel: propel is a new innovative software that can be used in combination with Clear Aligners treatment. It uses soft pulsing technology to accelerate treatment and can move misaligned teeth to their desired position 50% faster while minimizing soreness commonly associated with teeth movements. A dentist near you may recommend using this device when starting Clear Aligners treatment to speed up recovery and get faster results. Dental Monitoring: The best thing about getting Clear Aligners near you is that you won’t need to make many visits to the dental office for checkups. Dental monitoring has made things easier as it has a mechanism that allows your dentist to monitor your treatment progress from a remote location. That was made possible through a dedicated and secure online dashboard. Therefore, patients can send the best photos of their teeth through a mobile device connected to the internet.

How 3D Scanning Works

Since their introduction, 3D scanners have improved technologically and are now quicker and more effective. Three-dimensional imaging uses an X-ray attachment shaped like an arm to rotate and take photos of your mouth, teeth, and jaw from different angles. 3D scanners such as the itero intraoral scanner take thousands of tiny images from varying angles and combine them into one perfect 3D image. The software recognizes photo angles which it uses to create a three-dimensional digital model.

The Impact of 3D Scanning on Clear Aligners Treatment

3d imaging technology allows for taking precise replicas of teeth, capturing the tiniest of details to a millimeter scale. Digital models captured by 3d scanners are easy to share digitally. For example, you can share the images with the dental lab via email. Another significant advantage of embracing 3d imaging in Clear Aligners treatment is that it is comfortable for the patient to sit through. Some patients struggle to stay calm during traditional methods of taking dental impressions since the process may trigger their gag reflexes.

How Smarttrack Material Enhances Clear Aligners Treatment

For Clear Aligners treatment to be effective in moving your teeth into their correct position, they must be flexible. What this means is the aligners should be able to stretch over your teeth but still be able to return to their original shape to fix malocclusion effectively. SmartTrack material helps enhance Clear Aligners treatment by making the aligners elastic enough to enable them to maintain their precise fit throughout the treatment period.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clear Aligners Treatment

AI integration in Clear Aligners treatment has enabled workflow streamlining for doctors and staff. Some standard features include setting up, enrolling, and reviewing patients directly through the Clear Aligners Doctor Site, thus eliminating the need to use a separate standalone solution. Artificial Intelligence technology also facilitates dental monitoring, which we discussed earlier in this article.


Technology and innovation have played a massive role in improving Clear Aligners treatment and general orthodontics. Since the introduction of these advancements, Clear Aligners has become more durable and effective at correcting malocclusion and other bite problems. Unfortunately, some dental clinics are still using old Clear Aligners technology to date. Ensure you visit a modern dental clinic such as Welden Village Dental to get the most technologically up-to-date Clear Aligners aligners.