Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Kernersville, NC

At some point in your life, you may need a root canal. This is nothing to be worried about though. Dentists perform root canal therapy near you every day.

If you aren’t familiar with root canal therapy, you should talk to our dentist near you to learn more. When you understand the procedure, you may feel more comfortable with it. Knowing what to expect can ease your worries.

Our dentist at Welden Village Dental offers root canal therapy, along with many other dental procedures. If you want to learn more about root canal therapy or another dental treatment, contact our dentist today.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is used when the inside of the tooth is inflamed. If the tooth has inflammation, our dentist will attempt to preserve the tooth. While this is the goal, it cannot always be done. This would then result in root canal therapy.

The tooth contains pulp, which is made up of cells, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Several different issues, including dental decay, tooth fractures, and infection, can lead to inflammation. The inflammation can cause the pulp to swell, which increases the pain level.

What is the Root Canal Process?

Prior to getting a root canal, you will need to go to the dentist. You may visit our dentist in Kernersville, NC for a biannual exam and find that you have inflammation. You might also go to the dentist due to the inflammation and pain so you can have it checked out. From there, our dentist will determine the right procedure for your situation. You may need root canal therapy or a different treatment.

Our dentist will take an x-ray, which will make it more obvious what is going on with your tooth. Local anesthetic will be used to numb your mouth during the procedure.

A dental dam may be used during the procedure too. This is a barrier between the tooth and the rest of your mouth. It helps to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Finally, the pulp is removed with a dental drill. The tooth is then cleaned and filled with gutta percha. Gutta percha feels like rubber and fills in the tooth. Once the procedure site is closed up, a crown is placed.

Call our dentist in Kernersville, NC if you believe you need root canal therapy.