Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Kernersville, NC

The American Dental Association says that a dental emergency is any possible life-threatening situation that requires immediate treatment to stop or prevent oral bleeding. It also includes preventing infection or severe pain. While some dental issues can wait until the next day or several days to see a dentist, others must be attended to promptly.

At Welden Village Dental in Kernersville, NC, our emergency dentist performs many emergency dental procedures depending on your dental problem. Dental emergencies include tooth fractures, nerve damage, facial or dental trauma, excessive bleeding, soft tissue injury, abscess, or infections accompanied by fever or pain.

Tooth Fractures

Tooth fractures occur due to tooth grinding, age, injuries from sports and accidents, and improper use of teeth. Types of tooth fractures include:

Craze lines – These are small lines on the tooth enamel.

Fractured cusp – Occurs around a tooth filling or at the cusp of the tooth.

Split tooth – Occurs when the cracked tooth is segmented.

Vertical root fracture – Fractures that start from underneath the gum line to the enamel.

Manage tooth fractures by rinsing your mouth to remove any chipped pieces. In case of bleeding, use moist clean gauze to apply pressure to the area for about 10 minutes. Or until the bleeding stops. When you visit Welden Village Dental, the emergency dentist will assess the condition and perform the necessary procedure.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries include your tongue, cheeks, lips, and gums. Injuries to these tissues may lead to bleeding. Rinse your mouth with a salty water solution, apply pressure on the affected area with a clean moist gauze and compress the area for about 10 minutes. Visit our dentist at Welden Village Dental immediately after.

Dental Abscess

Abscesses are inflamed infections in the space between your teeth and gums or at the root of your teeth. Most patients opt for over-the-counter solutions. However, at Welden Village Dental, we recommend visiting our clinic immediately.

If you have dental emergencies, contact us as soon as possible, and our dentist at Welden Village Dental in Kernersville, NC will be available to help you.